We have 75 registered, bred, purebred/Lim-Flex heifers for sale privately.  They will start calving February 10th. AI’ed to leading Limousin and Angus bulls.  Limi sires most heavily used include: Backstage, Credentials, Testament, Ace, and Yukon Trail.  Angus sires Windstar and SAV Thunderbird.  This is an outstanding set of bred heifers, we welcome your evaluation!

We are putting together a group of 150 commercial Lim-Flex heifers which will be bred to calving-ease deluxe AI sire HUNT Testament 40T. Due to start calving 2/1/18. These heifers are the top cut, directly off of our ‘customer buy-back’ program…so they are all sired by HUNT bulls!!  We develop them just like our own registered stock…the best way we know how.  Our veterinarian will evaluate the heifers for reproduction soundness and ultrasound preg check the first week of August.

All of these groups are for sale privately. One or a hundred, we can fill the order. 100% BVD-tested negative.

Hunt Limousin Ranch Cow Herd

Percent of HUNT Limousin cow herd that ranked in the top of the breed

Trait Percent in Top 20% Percent in Top 10% Percent in Top 1%
CED 29 12 2
BW 26 14 2
WW 47 32 2
YW 57 33 7
MA 43 26 1
CEM 56 37 7
SC 65 58 26
DOC 65 45 6
CW 39 26 1
RE 32 15 1
YG 21 8 1
MS 35 17 5