2010 Pasture Preview

Check out the video below and “take a walk” through our pastures in 2010!

Hunt Limousin = Sire Power

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Hunt Limousin Ranch

10329 Hwy. 136 Oxford, NE 68967
Charles and Nancy – 308/473-8521 (home) | 308/920-1120 (Charlie’s cell)
Dan & Melinda and Jenna, Adeline – 308/991-3373 (Dan’s cell)
Dave – 308/440-5652
Email: huntlimo@huntlimousin.com

Semen is available on the following Hunt Limousin Ranch herd sires:

HUNT Mr Jock 44J – $30/unit


Click for full pedigree and EPDs:

BD: 2/25/99 | Black, Polled
LVLS Polled Justice 0601E x HUNT Miss Giggle 129G (HUNT Depend 58D)

CED: 6 BW: 4.4 WW: 69 YW: 120 MA: 28 CEM: 19 SC: 1.7 STAY: 22 DOC: 38 CW: 45 REA: 0.79 YG: -0.11 MB: 0.08 $MTI: 55

BW: 88 WW: 674 (adj.) YW: 1225 (adj.) SC: 34.1 (adj.)

Space Ship 3223S – $40/unit


Click for full pedigree and EPDs:

BD: 3/30/06 | Black, Homo Polled
Wulfs Napoleon 1018N x Wulfs Nanny 3223N (Wulfs Lincoln 6638L)

CED: 9 BW: 2.2 WW: 42 YW: 84 MA: 22 CEM: 2 SC: 1.4 STAY: N/A DOC: 11 CW: 48 REA: 0.91 YG: -0.06 MB: -0.03 $MTI: 42

BW: 95 WW: 716 (adj.) YW: 1252 (adj.) SC: 40.1 (adj.) UREA: 17.4 (adj.) UFAT: 0.29 (adj.) UIMF: 3.89 (adj.)

Owned with: Wulf Limousin Farms (Morris, MN), Spring Creeks Cattle Co. (Wauzeka, WI), Diamond C Ranch (Ponoka, AB, Canada)

Mr Universe – $40/unit

Click for full pedigree and EPDs:

BD: 2/12/08 | Black, Homo Polled
RPY Paynes Raider 30R x Edens Black Cierra (JCL Black Cloud)

CED: 6 BW: 3.2 WW: 47 YW: 86 MA: 19 CEM: 5 SC: 0.8 STAY: N/A DOC: 13 CW: N/A REA: N/A YG: N/A MB: N/A $MTI: N/A

BW: 92 WW: 752 (adj.) YW: N/A (adj.) SC: N/A (adj.) UREA: N/A (adj.) UFAT: N/A (adj.) UIMF: N/A (adj.)

Wulf Hunt – $50/unit


Click for full pedigree and EPDs:

BD: 4/15/97 | Homo Black, Polled
COLE First Down 46D x COLE Catalina 3309C (MAYS Black Jet)

CED: 20 BW: -2.5 WW: 39 YW: 76 MA: 19 CEM: 6 SC: 0.0 STAY: 27 DOC: 28 CW: 16 REA: 0.77 YG: -0.21 MB: 0.03 $MTI: 44

BW: 85 WW: 810 (adj.) YW: N/A (adj.) SC: N/A (adj.) UREA: 16.8 (adj.) UFAT: 0.17 (adj.) UIMF: 2.87 (adj.)

Owned with:Wulf Limousin Farms (Morris, MN)

HUNT Ross 42R – $40/unit

Click for full pedigree and EPDs:

BD: 3/1/05 | Black, Polled
HUNT Mr Jock 44J x HUNT Leora 81L (COLE Wulf Hunt)

CED: 14 BW: -0.5 WW: 47 YW: 97 MA: 28 CEM: 9 SC: 1.4 STAY: 24 DOC: 37 CW: 31 REA: 0.70 YG: -0.16 MB: 0.03 $MTI: 47

BW: 89 WW: 683 (adj.) YW: 1343 (adj.) SC: 36.4 (adj.) UREA: N/A (adj.) UFAT: N/A (adj.) UIMF: N/A (adj.)

Owned with: Tomahawk Land and Cattle Co., Billings, MT

HUNT Roosevelt 40R – $40/unit

Click for full pedigree and EPDs:

BD: 3/1/05 | Homo Black, Double Polled
LVLS Duramax 2408M x HUNT Lady 05L (PLND Jeopardy 203J)

CED: 4 BW: 4.4 WW: 63 YW: 123 MA: 19 CEM: 8 SC: 1.6 STAY: N/A DOC: 35 CW: 51 REA: 0.79 YG: .04 MB: -0.08 $MTI: 46

BW: 96 WW: 716 (adj.) YW: 1444 (adj.) SC: 38.4 (adj.)

Comments From Dan Regarding NALF’s Emerging Leaders Academy…

Comments from Dan regarding NALF’s Emerging Leaders Academy held February 3, in Kansas City at the Kansas City Hilton Airport:

“I have a passion for, and believe in, the Limousin breed. I also have a strong desire to see the breed, and those involved with raising Limousin cattle be successful in the future. It was a great experience to be a part of the inaugaral Emerging Leaders Acadamy, where there was a room full of young breeders with the same passion and dedication to the Limousin breed. Many great ideas and promising thoughts were discussed. There are many great minds within our breed and I learned a lot from my peers – it was an honor to be a part of this class.” – Dan

Give Dan a call or email if you’d like to discuss further the events that took place in Kansas City earlier this month: 308/991-3373 or huntlimo@huntlimousin.com

Selling at the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic

We’ll be consigning three exceptional lots to the 2010 Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic Limousin Show and Sale, February 19, Kearney, NE.

Sale Notes:

When: Friday, February 19, 2010 | Sale starts at 1:00 p.m. (CST)
Where: Buffalo County Fairgrounds, Kearney, NE
Contact us for more information! Or visit the NCC website: http://cattlemens.org/main.html

HUNT Winifred 75W


Full pedigree and EPDs (click icon below):

BD: 3/6/09
Homo Black, Double Polled | Cow

HUNT Mr Jock 44J x Miss WulfHunt 09K (COLE Wulf Hunt)
CED: 10 BW: 1.0 WW: 50 YW: 97 MA: 28 CEM: 12 SC: 1.1 STAY: 23 DOC: 35 CW: 26 REA: 0.51 YG: -0.04 MB: .08 $MTI: 48

Phenotypically perfect – Winifred is homo black, has great numbers and is simply beautiful to look at! She moves like a cat and has plenty of thickness, depth and muscle to go with a great attitude.

HUNT Wilsonville 91W

Full pedigree and EPDs (click icon below):

BD: 3/9/09
Red, Polled | Bull

Carrousels MVP x HUNT Miss Jardin 108J (CLHB Hitchin Post)

CED: 10 BW: 1.3 WW: 47 YW: 86 MA: 20 CEM: 5 SC: 0.7 STAY: N/A DOC: 15 CW: 23 REA: 0.40 YG: -0.07 MB: -.11 $MTI: 41

Easy-calving bull that will throw long-bodied calves with plenty of muscle expression. Wilsonville was one of our top bulls this year in Denver. Excellent birth to yearling spread and top-notch disposition.

HUNT Waldo 92W

Full pedigree and EPDs (click icon below):

BD: 3/9/09
Red, Double Polled | Bull

Wulfs Space Ship 2332S x HUNT Lovely Lady 237L (COLE Wulf Hunt)

CED: 11 BW: 1.1 WW: 41 YW: 78 MA: 26 CEM: 3 SC: 0.7 STAY: N/A DOC: 19 CW: 35 REA: 0.84 YG: -0.11 MB: -.02 $MTI: 42

Waldo was our lead bull this year at the 2010 NWSS. Sired by the popular Space Ship and out of our arguably our top Wulf Hunt cow. Here’s a chance to buy a very maternal, deep-ribbed, heavy muscled bull that you can be proud of in your front pasture.

2010 National Western Stock Show Bulls

We again had bulls “In The Yards” this year at the National Western Stock Show. Our display bulls’ average EPDS:  CED: 10  BW: 1.6  WW: 49  YW: 89  MA: 25  CEM: 5  SC: 0.9  DOC: 28  CW: 24  REA: .63  YG: -0.11  MB: .00  $MTI: 46

Denver Pen of 3


HUNT Waldo 92W


HUNT Weaver 32W


HUNT Winston 95W