Consignments to the 2017 Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic


DANH Durham 54D | 2/23/16, LF 50, HOMO Black, HOMO Polled | HUNT Billy Ray 80B X DANH Alto 35A (SAV Bismarck). CLICK HERE FOR EPDS & PEDIGREE
Durham 54D is definitely a standout bull. He’s got the style and performance everyone is looking for and puts it together with a very balanced set of EPD’s (10 traits in the Top 20% of the nation). You can also see him in our groups of bulls in The Yards in Denver this year. Very stacked pedigree. He’s HOMO polled & HOMO black, so every calf will be black and polled!! We think he’s a great one, and you will too.
Thank you to Peterson Limousin Farms, Osceola, WI for purchasing Durham at the NCC!

HUNT Dasher 28D | 2/12/16, LF 50, HOMO Black, Polled | CARTER WIND STAR 218 x HUNT BIRDIE 73B (Wulfs Yankee). CLICK HERE FOR EPDS & PEDIGREE
Here’s an exciting bull that you will want to strongly consider. Very suitable to work on heifers; with a 67 pound birth weight and CED & BW both in the top 10%, you know they’ll come easy! He is as soggy and deep middled as they come and HOMO black. He boasts a 109 weaning ratio, WW & YW are both in the top 25% so his calves will grow good too. Don’t miss this one!!
Thank you to Dave Paris, Rocking Arrow Ranch, Marsland, NE for purchasing Dasher at the NCC!

HUNT Miss Cows 111C | 3/8/15, PB, HOMO Black, Polled | Wulfs Yankee x HUNT XTRA TEST 128X (HUNT TESTAMENT 40T). CLICK HERE FOR EPDS & PEDIGREE
HUNT 111C has been Jenna’s show heifer. She is a Yankee daughter, out of a Testament cow, so proven genetics on both sides. This bred heifer has a phenomenal EPD profile…8 traits in the Top 20% of the breed! AI’ed to SYES Backstage 466B. Very excited about this mating. Calf will be homozygous black.

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